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Priority Accounts Limited is recognised as a market leader and a cost-effective option in commercial contracting solutions to the contracting industry. Our high standards have earned us the reputation for providing a professional, confidential and reliable service in all aspects of self-employed contract worker requirements. We provide labour on a temporary contract basis to a variety of blue chip companies who need staffing on a short or long term basis.

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Business update Covid-19 (from March 2020)

Despite all of the uncertainty and inconvenience which has been brought about by the current pandemic Covid-19, Priority Accounts Limited would like to assure all of our clients and business partners that our services will continue to be fully operational.

All Invoices will be processed in the same professional and speedy manner as will all Payments subject to us receivng the funds from your end-client.

These are unprecedented times that we currently share and to all those who have had their business disrupted by Covid-19, we would like to wish you well and look toward a swift end to these uncertain times.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us at your earliest convenience 0247 699 7650

Important update - Proposed UK HMRC IR35 Legislation amendment - April 2020

This legislation has been postponed until April 2021 and may come under further review
Until this time, please read the following regarding our position on this latest amendment.

Although the Government is currently being Lobbied regarding it's proposed changes to this legislation, if the amendment does pass and the legislation is changed, how will this affect self-employed individuals, their recruiters and/or end-clients using the services of Priority Accounts Limited.

On 6th April, the Government will introduce changes to the IR35 rules that mean contractors will no longer determine their own IR35 status unless they are engaged by a "small" private sector business. Medium and large private sector firms will take on this responsibility. Similar changes were also rolled out in the public sector in 2017 and apply to all public sector organisations.

IR35 Legislation had been introduced and further amended in order to ensure that self-employed operatives are indeed operating in a self-employed capacity. This is so to ensure that HMRC may make every effort to maintain as many people operating in an employed capacity as possible so as to increase revenue gained from Employers and Employees National Insurance contributions.

IR35 and all current and future known amendments do not affect the services operated by Priority Accounts Limited. The invoicing and payments solutions that we operate is completely HMRC compliant.

In order for an individual or their recruiter and/or end-client to be seen to be operating within the scope of IR35, the following points should be considered, this is however not an exhaustive list and every legal point of what constitutes self-employed status.

  • The Individual must
    • Be registered 'Self-employed' with HMRC and hold a valid UTR (Universal Tax Reference)
      (If the individual is of a foreign nationality, they must hold the relevant work permits).
    • Operate with a current IR35 safe contract.
    • Not be in receipt of any employee benefits from the recruiter and/or end-client.
    • Operate at the site location with all the necessary workwear, tools and equipment.
  • The Recruiter and/or End-Client must,
    • Instigate their own due-dilligence on the individual, ensuring that the individual holds a valid UTR
      and/or has the relevant work permits.
    • Has a current IR35 safe contract.
    • Does not offer any employee benefits.
    • Ensures that the individual arrives at the site location with the necessary workwear, tools
      and equipment.