Systems design

All the systems necessary to operate have been and continue to be developed in-house by our own team of talented IT experts. Our IT team boasts high levels of experience & qualification, up to and including Masters degree's and are members of the British Computer Society.

Systems design

We have developed to include all the very latest Web 2.0 technologies, to standards as defined by the W3C (World-Wide-Web Consortium). We consider reliability, Security and user-experience along with accessibility to be among our highest priorities. All our web pages can viewed by your browser in 'Standards Compliance mode'.


Sensitive area's of have been secured to the highest levels. These area's include signing in, the complete on-line management system and communication via our contacts page.

The security certifcate is issued by the leading industry standard COMODO Certificate Authority and is of the highest grade encryption (AES-256 256 bit). When on a secure page, double-click on the padlock icon (usually in the bottom right corner of your browser) and view our security credentials.

If you are asked to transmit any personal details (email address, bank details etc) with any other website, you must ensure that the page requesting the information is secure to the standards we have imposed on as network packet sniffing is happening all the time, even by our own governments.