Services & Fees

Let's keep things simple.

Priority Accounts is an accounting service, who offer an Intermediary Limited Company service to self-employed contract workers. Invoice processing and onward payment is the crucial aspect required by you, so we concentrate on this business model, ensuring you receive your funds in a timely fashion. You are not treated as an employee of any company, you are to be registered as a 'self-employed contract worker.

Fees & Charges

Service fees and costs

Whilst keeping our charges simple, we keep them fair. You can see from our breakdown detailed below, how our charges are tailored to ensure that you, the contract worker, receive as much of your hard earned money before tax, as possible. We do not consider ourselves 'cheap', there is nothing cheap about our services, we are just fair and cost-effective. Quality is never compromised by cost.

There are no joining fees, leaving fees or membership fees. While you are not being paid, we do not charge you. There are no charges made to your Agency and there is no charge for membership registration.

All payments made will be same-day payments. GBP (pound sterling) payments made to a UK bank will be via the CHAPS payment service, all other currency and/or international payments will be made via the SWIFT payment service.

Foreign currency payments and exchange

Foreign Exchange :: ForEx

Because we are an accountancy based company, we are happy to deal in Foreign Exchange. If your bank account is in a currency different to that which you are invoicing, or being paid, we are happy to assist by making the exchange in currencies.

You can be assured that our rates, which are correct up to the minute, will beat that of your bankers, in addition to this, as you would expect, we do not make a charge for commission, however your bank will.

All fees and charges throughout our web site are quoted in pounds sterling and will be converted to their currency equivalent as necessary. We use the currency base rate as advised by our bankers on the day.